In the Beginning…

So when you read all about starting a blog, the most common pieces of advice everyone gives are “Write what you know,” and “Find one thing you’re passionate about and focus on it”. The first piece of advice is pure gold, you should always write what you know because hey, writing from your passions, your life experiences, etc, that makes for good writing, right? So it’s the second one I have a little trouble with.

The word “focus” is sometimes one of those words that sets my teeth on edge. As you may have figured out from the title of my blog, I have ADD. And not just any kind of ADD, I have what is known as “ring of fire” ADD*.  Sadly, it sounds way more interesting than it really is. Essentially, it means my brain is on constant overdrive. At times can’t keep two thoughts in my head because every part of my brain is firing at once, and I have about a million things bouncing through my head. Which can, at any point include such diverse things like what I’m going to cook for dinner, what my next jewelry project is going to be, wondering if I gave my bearded dragon (Pickett, you’ll hear a lot about him if you read my blog fairly religiously) enough sun that day and trying to remember if I left a load of wet laundry in the washer. Yeah, fun times living in my brain. Sometimes the noise gets to be so much that it’s overwhelming. But, I digress.

So back to the blog and its lack of focus. When I sat down and began the process of hashing through what I’d like to blog about, so many ideas came to mind. I do so many things from day to day that it’s difficult to know what I’d like to concentrate on, and what won’t eventually bore me. And you know what conclusion I finally came to?  The same as in my life. Focus is overrated. So if you’re reading this, you’ll see writing about ALL my passions. Almost anything goes, as long as it interests me and I have fun with it. You’ll see recipes and canning stuff one day, stuff about my city (Seattle) the next, stuff about my fandoms, about the rain and occasionally some deep musings about life and all that. I’m going to say straight up that this is my blog, my opinions. If you want to leave a comment, please do. I like feedback! But ultimately it’s my space. Please be respectful! And welcome to my world!

*Should you chose to research the various kinds of ADD, I highly advocate that, particularly if you have someone in your life who has ADD/ADHD. Here’s a link that’ll help you start, as well as giving you a little more insight about me, your friendly neighbourhood blogger. [7 Types of ADD](

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