We all know that ADD is what you make of it. Well, I’m a grown woman who’s always known something was a little different about me. It wasn’t until finding out I had ADD as an adult that so many things made sense! So, here I am not just making the best of it, but working every day to make my life amazing. You’ll notice that there’s really no theme to my blog, just me doing my thing. I go where the wind blows me. One day I’m making jam, the next day I’m traveling, and the day after that I’m cross stitching myself a pillow. I’m a crafty, geeky, tea addicted, Potter-obsessed, Star Trek loving, often foul mouthed, generally upbeat, usually nutty, bookish, Avengers loving, kitchen experimenting, domestic goddess. I love to travel, spoil my dogs rotten, Instagram way too much. I adore my wife, she’s my best friend and the best thing that ever happened to me. (Yes I said wife. If you don’t like that, here’s your chance to exit stage left.)  I am a Liberal, spiritual but not religious, and have zero fear of speaking my mind. Please remember this is my blog, my space and my opinions. If you don’t like them, absolutely feel free to leave and find a blog that suits you more. Thanks for reading!

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